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This wasn't happening. This was not happening. He did not go through Hell and back, though all sorts of weird and terrifying experiences only to die here on Earth because the bank he'd come into today was being held up.

It was not happening. Though as he crouched down behind one of the island counters in the middle of the bank, he did note that the bank robbers? Assailants? The bad guys, in any case, were impressively armed. One of them was carrying something that looked like a close cousin to a P90 and wasn't that a heartening thing to realize? He got his phone out and texted John with the help i'm in imminent danger sign that they'd worked out for bars and other things.

He concentrated on breathing in and out slowly, hyperventilating would just get him killed faster. And Shep would never ever let him hear the end of it if he got killed for something as stupid as this. Or Ronon or Teyla or Lorne. And he didn't even want to know what Radek would do.

He could do this. He was Dr. Rodney McKay, genius in two galaxies. He'd survived Wraith, Replicators, the Genii, the Ori, and John Sheppard's cooking. He could get through this.


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