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From the last three Friday prompts:

die, killing, demise

Continuing in this morbid vein, list the five most likely ways your character will die. Be as serious, gory or humorous as you like. For bonus points, add the LEAST likely way your character will die

The Five Most Likely Ways That Rodney McKay Will Leave This Earth Planet Galaxy Universe Plane of Existence.

1. Blown up by something that he or Zelenka or Sheppard were playing with. Because Rodney has never found something he didn't want to tinker with or try and make better in some way. He has to know, to see, to tinker. It comes as natural to him as breathing. He loves the discovery, the knowing, the AHA moment that means he has just saved them all *again* He's sort of addicted to it.

2. Killed on a mission. Too many variables to properly plan for, anything could happen. Anything at all.

3. Kidnapped by the Genii and killed after he's outlived his usefulness or made one too many wisecracks

4. Killed by the Wraith.

5. Blowing himself up after "retiring" from the SGC. It could happen, his hand could have slipped, and some things should just not go together.

The Single Most Improbable Way Rodney McKay Will Expire?


Date: 2009-04-17 06:18 pm (UTC)
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I should do this list too....but ANYTHING could kill any time, anywhere.


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