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Rodney was wet. Having twins was exhausting. He almost couldn't mentally calculate prime numbers, that's how tired he was. It didn't help that one of them hated baths to the point of running away and hiding (thus giving his panicked father a heart attack when he realized he couldn't find him), and the other one loved them to the point of not wanting to leave the bath (thus requiring that her father come in and get her, soaking himself almost completely in the process).

He had no idea how their mother had done this for the previous four years. Maybe the fact that they'd incubated inside of her had given her some sort of edge that he didn't have. It hardly mattered at the moment. They'd been bathed and now they were asleep after having been read to (they were going through the Dr. Seuss books. He'd read Red Fish Blue Fish last night and they'd gotten four pages into Oh The Places You'll Go before they had started to drop off).

He was sitting on the floor by the small couch, resting his head against the arm of the couch, not caring about his wet clothes. He closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the stillness.

Which of course is the exact moment that his earpiece beeped at him.
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